How to improve your Dell laptop battery's performance?

As every owner of a laptop knows, battery life can be a tricky thing. Although, at first, the battery can work great and provide your laptop with enough energy to run without any problems for hours. However, sometimes the battery can’t keep up with the laptop. But, in most cases, this doesn’t mean the battery is bad. It might be a sign that too many processes are happening on your laptop, all of which use up too much energy.

Longer Laptop Battery Life

The good news is that you can solve this problem on your own, without calling the Dell customer support number 1-800-413-882. All you need to do is turn off the programs you’re not using at the moment. Or example, if you’re typing some text in Word, there’s really no need to have other word editors turned on.

When it comes to the battery life of Dell laptops, there’s one thing you need to remember – it’s all about the programs and how much energy they use. So, if you want to save the battery, stay away from playing demanding video games. You should also know that playing videos and audio files is also bad for the battery life.

The same goes for using wireless internet. In fact, the wireless card is one of the biggest consumers of the battery energy. The good news is that turning off the wireless is very easy if you own a Dell laptop. All you need to do turn it on or off, you just need to press the F2 button on the keyboard.

Follow the tips to increase your laptop battery life:

  • Unplug USB devices whenever it possible
  • Close unnecessary application when not in use
  • Try to work in low screen brightness
  • Turn off the backlight feature on your keyboard
  • Keep the laptop vents clear to and do not use on bedhseet
  • Change the "Power Management Plan" to increase battery life

If all this seems too complicated for you, you can always save the battery life by using the perks of different modes on Dell devices. By using the battery saving mode, you will save enough energy to get a few more hours of work.

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