To Find Out if You Already Have Antivirus Software in Yyour Dell

A big majority of problems that users have with their laptops are caused by malware. This is why it’s crucial to deal with it before problems strike. The best way to fight malware is with an antivirus. These programs will keep the viruses away from your computer and will provide you protection when you’re surfing the web.

Speed-Up Laptop

Another reason why having an antivirus on your computer is an important thing is that it won’t affect its performances, while providing you with as much security as possible. With this type of software installed, you won’t need to worry about losing your precious data or giving away some important info.

If you’re a user of a Dell laptop, we have some good news for you – most Dell devices come with pre-installed anti-virus software. Unfortunately, some users do not even know about this, so they end up installing an additional anti-malware software. The problem is that a Dell laptop with two such programs installed is bound to perform slightly worse than before.

Knowing all this, it is crucial to see if there already is an antivirus on your Dell computer, before installing a new one. Here is how to do this:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Under System and Security choose Review
  • Now you need to go to Security and see if there is something listed under Virus protection.
  • If there is no software listed there, you can go ahead and install a new antivirus.

These days, most antiviruses come with installation apps that will make this process simple for you. What this means is that once you go to the official site and download the original software, most of your work is done. All you then need to do is start off the installation and the antivirus program will do the rest on its own.


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