Fix Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) Errors in Windows 7

One of the most common issue with starting up the laptop that runs on Windows 7 operating system. In most cases, the problem is related to the blue screen that appears on startup. Apart from the blue screen issue, some users also complain about Windows 7 crashing or restarting.

Obviously, the easiest solution to this problem is to upgrade your OS version. If you switch to Windows 10, these problems will go away. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to move to the new version of Windows. Some feel that Win 7 is easier to use, while some simply don’t have laptops that are not compatible with this version of Windows.

Alternatively, you can reinstall the operating system. This way, you will install a new version of Windows 7, which will not come with the blue screen problem. However, you will probably need to sacrifice some data. If the operating system is installed on the C: partition of the hard drive, you will have to say goodbye to the data stored on it. This might be a big problem for those storing important data on their C: drive.

Methods to fix Blue Screen of Death Issue

blue screen of death

Method #1: Use System Restore

Follow the steps to restore the windows 7 system.

Method #2: Disable Automatic Restart

Here are the steps to disable Automatic Restart on system failure in Windows 7:

  • Click on Start Button and then place your cursor on "Computer".
  • Right click on computer and open properties.
  • Then, Click on Advanced System Settings
  • Click on Settings in the "Startup and Recovery section"
  • Un-check the checkbox that says Automatically Restart
  • Click on OK
  • Click on Apply then OK

Method #3: Call to Dell Customer Support Australia

If this is the case, you can make your laptop working properly again by giving a call to the Dell support. They will explain everything about this problem and what might be causing it. In most cases, the root of the problem lies in an error that can be fixed easily. You can run the Windows debugger or use an online troubleshooting software to get rid of this issue. The only problem is that you might end up losing valuable data. This is the main reason why it is recommended not to do anything on your own if this problem appears.


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